NBLK is a collection of 4,444 Noble Knight NFTs—unique digital collectibles. Each level of Noble Knight will grant you unique benefits in the Nobility ecosystem such as rewards in tokens and access to community events. Future perks will be added as we progress throughout the roadmap.

Buying a Noble Knight costs 0.4444 ETH; There are no price tiers. Each Noble Knight is unique being generated from 883 unique assets.



Knights still Available.


PHASE 01 NFT MINTING website will be launched, ready for initial NFT minting.

2,222 whitelist passes will be available two weeks before launch for Nobility holders to get a chance to guarantee their minting spot for a Noble Knight.

If the whitelist sells out, Nobility will immediately purchase land in the Decentraland and Sandbox Metaverse to begin architecture of the Noble Knights Castle to factor into phase 3.

An initial supply of 4,444 Noble Knights will be available in total.

The whitelist passes will run for two weeks then close. Upon closing, the 4,444 NFTs will be available to mint using the site. The collection will also be available on Openseas.


The Noble Knights battle site will launch to the public, allowing NBLK NFT holders a chance to battle their knights in a PVP battleground. You will start at a level 1 knight upon the initial mint of your Noble Knight. Once you set your knight to be battle ready, others can initiate a battle against you.

Knight points can be used to wager in PVP battles.

Level 1 Noble Knights will succumb to a NFT burn if they lose their first battle with other Level 1 knights. (The winner levels up, the loser goes home with NOTHING).

If a Level 1 knight wins their battle, they instantly become a Meta Knight (Level 2) and will gain unique perks within' the Noble Knight Ecosystem. They will also receive a 4% reward bonus within' the ... (Vegas reveal).

Factions will be part of the NFTs properties. Each faction has a Knight King which will be randomly minted within' the ecosystem and will receive a 6% reward bonus within' the ... (Vegas Reveal). You will have the ability to modify you NFT title as well as description within' the NFT site.

You will be able to use your Knight points to open and close abilities, for example changing the NFT title on the blockchain or staking your KNIGHT away for extra reflections.


Noble Knights will expand into Metaverse ecosystems such as Sandbox and Decentraland. Your Noble knights skins will be available as a playable character within each Metaverse providing playable areas such as faction lands and castles.

In order to receive your noble knight’s skin you will have to perform certain tasks or purchase your journey to the Metaverse.

Nobility Weapon NFTs will be previewed ready to mint!

Weapons will also be available as an accessory in the Metaverse.

Weapons will be ready for Sandbox x Nobility castle war.

During this massive expansion, Faction Wars and other multiplayer quests will be introduced.


Introduction to Merlin’s Purge.

Merlin's Purge is a weekly tournament where, for a fee, Knights can enter a competition to battle for the prize pot.

Each player can attempt the battle as many times as they like, building the Merlin's Purge prize pool over the course of the tournament.

The one lucky Noble Knight who manages to defeat Merlin's Purge will walk away with the entire prize pot and other unique prizes.

Merlin’s Purge will also be a key part in the LOST KNIGHT QUEST.


A 3D printed version of your Noble Knight will be available to order, with other merchandise options available.

Noble Knights top points holders will be featured on the world's top billboard locations, including Times Square, Piccadilly Circus and the Burj Khalifa.

Development for Noble Knights animated series will be planned ready to hit a full animation series on YouTube.

NFT holders featured on merchandise will receive a split of revenue from the products printed if they are featured in the show.

NOBLE-CON event in the UK for NFT and gaming/eSports based tokens and holders. Europe is in great need of NFT coverage and NOBLE-CON will deliver huge exposure for Nobility's successes in NFTs and our other projects.


Requires 50k DISCORD MEMBERS ;)